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About Gamblizard Canada

Welcome to Gamblizard, the only place you will ever need to find the latest casino bonuses and coupon codes!

If you are a beginner who would like to try their luck in online gaming, our bonuses can get you a head start. And even if you are a veteran user, getting informed about the latest deals could improve your gaming experience.

Our Mission

At Gamblizard, we are dedicated to helping both newbies and experienced players to find the most attractive casino bonuses out there. Our mission can be divided into several crucial points, which we listed below.

Collect and Review Bonus Codes for Online Casinos

Collect and Review Bonus Codes for Online Casinos

We monitor the online gaming scene continuously. Our task is to find the latest available bonus offers and coupon codes that players might find tempting. Instead of wasting hours visiting online casinos and identifying the most attractive deals, you can check out the latest offers on our site. It will save you both time and effort while making sure that you always have the most attractive deals available. Our team will also review and explain each bonus so that you are familiar with all its details.

Maximizing Safety and Improving Gaming Experience

Maximizing Safety and Improving Gaming Experience

Playing in online casinos is entertaining and fun, and our goal is to help you have the best possible gaming experience. We might be focused on collecting bonus offers and coupon codes, but we always make sure to pick safe and reliable platforms.

Our team makes sure to choose operators with premium reputations and years of experience in the business. You don’t have to worry about sensitive financial and private information because the casinos listed on our site apply all security measures to keep players safe.

Find What You Need Easily

Find What You Need Easily

Gamblizard features a user-friendly interface with simple navigation around the site. It will be easy to find your way around and discover the desired bonuses. Visitors are also able to sort the offers by using various parameters. It ensures you have simple access to bonus offers and coupon codes that fit your expectations.

An All-Around Coverage of Online Casinos and Bonus Codes

An All-Around Coverage of Online Casinos and Bonus Codes

Our team carefully picked online casinos with attractive and up-to-date bonuses. Visitors have the freedom to select from a long list of operators and their offers.
Additionally, we make sure to cover all bonus codes and deals available, so our guests have the freedom to choose between:

  • No deposit bonus codes – these bonuses do not require you to invest a single coin in online gaming. It is enough to register in the casino offering the deal and get free cash for playing.
  • Free spins codes – if slots are your favourite game, focus on platforms offering free spins. These might come with your no deposit bonus, or require adding funds to your account.
  • Deposit bonus codes – this type of bonus can provide you with up to a 100% boost on your deposit.

Why You Can Trust Us

At Gamblizard, we gathered a team of professionals and gaming enthusiasts that work together on bringing the best bonus codes to our players. We are proud of being an actual company that employs real people.

We believe that independent websites focused on collecting and reviewing casino bonus codes are essential for every online player out there.

Here is some basic info about our company:

Meet Our Team

Gamblizard gathers a team of the following casino niche professionals:
Jame Giles Head of Product & CO Founder
Our leader, creator, and inspiration. Jame has been in the gambling industry for over 8 years now. Starting as a simple croupier, he made his way up through every possible level of casino infrastructure. Having worked in many online gambling companies, Jame knows the business inside out.
Karolina Velychko SEO Specialist
A technical genius of a kind. Karolina, or just Kar as we call her, makes sure our website always stays at the top thanks to her extensive experience in SEO. She is the one who actually brought you here. Kar lets us share our gambling knowledge, a pillar that keeps us afloat.
Leslie Alexander Content Lead
Leslie has been writing since she can remember. Former professional editor. She knows how to make words shine. She is the one responsible for writing the most important articles and coordinating our freelance content writers. She is actually the one writing this text right now!:)
Robert Fox Content Strategist
Our creative core. Robert is in charge for creating the most appealing and informative blog posts for our users. He keeps abreast of the latest industry news and develops strategy for our website's content. Besides being great at writing Robert is a gambler himself.
Michel Lambert Content Strategist
Michel's role involves crafting high-quality content, creating robust content strategies, and leveraging his extensive understanding of the gaming industry to enhance user engagement. As he often says, “Online Gambling isn't just about having fun, it's about discovering new narratives and carving our unique paths in the virtual world”
Mila Roy Content Strategist
Mila gained a bachelor degree in journalism, and has 5+ years experience as a writer in the iGaming niche. She is passionate for casino and always keeps up with the latest gambling news, emerging casino brands and the most rewarding offers. Mila regularly contributes in-depth analytical guides every Gamblizard’s visitor will find useful.
Brian Rasta Game Expert, Poker
Brian has been to 11 countries around the world, and he played poker in every single one of them. He is an old poker professional who prefers 3-card brag nowadays. If there is someone who can define a good poker or poker-related table, it’s Brian.
Jamie Wall Casino Analyst
You’ll probably never meet a person who knows more about casino mechanics than Jamie Wall. As a former game developer at NetEnd, he knows how the games are made and how to play them.
Annette Black Legal Adviser
One of the top law experts in the sphere of gambling. Annette is always there to help us with any legal issues that might occur and advise us on the legal specifics of a certain casino, its licence or terms & conditions.
Ashley Boyd Game Expert, Bingo
Ashley likes to joke that she’s as old as Bingo itself. She used to visit bingo halls with her grandparents as a kid, and she still does when she’s not busy looking for the best bingo place for you.
Don Johnson Game Expert, Blackjack
Don used to work in Vegas. Now just work. He was a dealer in the top Vegas casinos for 4 years before joining us. Any card game you can think of Don can play. When we say play, we mean win. A total ace in our deck, Don will make your Blackjack experience unforgettable.
Joseph Revell Game Expert, Roulette
Probably the most remarkable person in our team. Joseph can make you fall in love with roulette. At least that’s what he does with us, persuading us to play it during our team-buildings. With over 6 years of experience in the field, he knows all about it and even a bit more.
Chris Bell Game Expert, Slot Machines
Another gambling software developer. Chris worked for Evolution Gaming for 6 years. Now he’s working with, projecting his knowledge on our reviews. Chris has tried so many slot games, he probably would never be able to count them.But he does know how to count the stars and rate a slot properly.
Francis Conwell Affiliate Manager
A person who keeps our connection with the casinos. Francis makes sure they are interested in self-improvement to make it to our top lists. Protecting our affiliate transactions and payments, he’s like the family's breadwinner.

We Only Focus on Licensed Casinos

An online casino should obtain a license from the UK Gambling Commission to confirm they complement with the latest industry standards and applicable laws. That license is a confirmation that the provider operates in the United Kingdom legally. It is why we only gather bonus codes from casinos that have acquired a license from the UKGC – we want our players to be safe while playing online.

No Rating System

At Gamblizard, we don’t have an established casino rating system. That is important because casinos can’t pay us to rank them higher. It is why you can rest assured that we are not directly connected to any casino.

Manual Casino Reviews with All Details Covered

When we review an online casino, we do that manually. Our team puts themselves into a position of a new player. We test the registration process, try the available games, and make sure that the cashier and customer system work like a charm. Our reviewers also gather bonus offers to ensure that our website lists up-to-date coupon codes and deals available.

How We Make Money

Gamblizard is an affiliation website, which is a common thing in the virtual world. We are not a casino provider, and we don’t host any games on our website. Instead, we promote online gaming operators that offer casino games. Our team searched the internet up and down for suitable offers and reliable casino providers.

We focus on reviewing bonus deals on particular casino websites. Apart from analyzing the available promotions and offers, our team places a link to the website. If a player uses our link, registers for an account, and starts playing at that gaming platform, we might receive compensation for referring you to the casino.

Affiliation websites are frequent in the world of internet marketing. Amazon’s Affiliate Program might be the most popular example of affiliation sites. Travel platforms like Booking.com and Hotels.com also have their programs, and you will find that affiliate systems are quite common in the online gaming industry. Web-based casinos resort to affiliate programs to advertise their platforms and attract new players.

The fact that you encountered an affiliate website doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trust it. Many popular blogs are considered to be the leading sources of information on a particular topic despite being an affiliate. The same is true for casino affiliate programs.

An affiliation system is a trustworthy method of monetizing our site. Our team gathers bonuses and coupon codes from various casinos, which means we don’t promote a particular platform. We leave it up to you to pick an operator that meets your preferences. Our task is to provide accurate and detailed information about the casinos we are affiliated with so that your choice is made easier.