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mila roy

Mila Roy

Content Strategist

About Mila Roy

Mila Roy is a seasoned Content Strategist at Gamblizard Canada with 8+ years of experience in gambling. Mila has specialized in content strategy creating, crafting detailed analytical guides and professional reviews.

Early Life and Education

Mila Roy grew up with a strong interest in media and communication, which led her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Toronto. Her academic years were filled with active contributions to student media initiatives, which prepared her for her subsequent professional roles.


Initially, Mila began her career in journalism focusing on sports reporting. Her passion for detail and storytelling was evident as she covered various sporting events, bringing both action and analysis to her audience. As the iGaming sector began to expand, Mila’s interest shifted towards casinos and online gaming, particularly slot games. This transition was partly influenced by nostalgic memories of playing child-friendly slot machines for toys during her childhood. Mila’s career pivot to iGaming allowed her to merge her professional expertise with personal interests, enhancing her contributions to specialized gaming publications.

Role at Gamblizard

As a Content Strategist for Gamblizard Canada, Mila is responsible for developing content strategies that connect with both new and regular visitors interested in casino gaming. She also excels in writing professional reviews and in-depth analyses of casinos and their bonuses. Her role involves creating and managing content that delivers valuable gambling insights and keeps the audience informed about the latest trends in the casino industry. What sets Mila apart is her unique ability to bridge technical gambling knowledge with engaging writing, making complex topics accessible and enjoyable to her readers.

The best quote from Mila, that shows her position in Gamblizard:

“In online gambling, staying ahead means constantly analyzing market shifts and user preferences. At Gamblizard, we focus on delivering insights that equip our readers with the knowledge to make informed decisions in a constantly evolving market.” – Mila Roy

Publications and Recognitions

Mila is known for her analytical guides. One of her noteworthy articles includes “Understanding payout percentages” featured in Mail&Guardian. Her work helps demystify complex topics for gamblers, providing them with insights that can aid in making informed decisions. Her publications are well-respected within the industry, highlighting her ability to translate detailed research into readable content.

Mila Roy’s contributions at Gamblizard Canada make her a key player in the company’s efforts to educate and inform the gambling community. Her dedication to journalistic integrity and quality information continues to contribute significantly to her professional reputation and the trust placed in her by her readers.

Connect with Mila

If you want to reach out to Mila Roy, you can email her at [email protected]. She is also active on social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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